Camellia sinensis 'Large Leaf Tea' seeds at Camellia Forest Nursery

Camellia sinensis Tetraploid seeds

  • $10.00

Open-pollinated seeds harvested from the Tetraploid plants in our tea garden. These have previously been called "Large Leaf Tea"

Harvested in October, the current crop is ready to ship and will be ready to plant as early as December. Seeds are best stored in the refrigerator in a zip lock bag which also satisfies the stratification requirements of the seed. Camellia seeds must not be allowed to dry out.

About C. sinensis Tetraploid:

The large, leathery leaves of the Tetraploid plant are dark green and strongly reticulated with pronounced serrations.  These seedlings easily become multi-trunked trees reaching 15' tall with profuse shoots to harvest from.  An overabundance of large flowers yield only a moderate quantity of small seeds.

Zones 7a-9
Average mature leaf size: 6" x 3"
10 year size: 10' x 10'

**Seed orders are processed as time allows and are shipped via USPS.  Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

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