Ornamental Camellias

Striving to bring you showy, garden-worthy plants, we work to offer exceptional flowers, vigorous growth, cold-hardiness, disease resistance, and one-of-a-kind Camellias. New plants include introductions from our own breeding program, older varieties that have proven to have good qualities, and recent introductions from other breeders. We try to offer Camellias that represent the wide variation in the genus: from small and simple-flowered, to a myriad of wild forms, and large, many-petaled hybrids.

As a general rule, we keep our plants in relatively small pots to avoid waterlogged soil and poor root growth. We strive to grow plants with healthy root systems that will adjust well to being planted outdoors. Unless a large, thickened root has begun to circle within the pot, we do not recommend disturbing the roots when planting. We have found that the many small roots have no problem rapidly growing into the surrounding soil and do not cause problems in later years.

Sizes and prices

Camellias have a highly variable growth rate in pots. Slower growers and dwarf varieties may be shorter than the sizes listed but an approximate guide for ordering plants is as follows:

1 to 2 quarts, $20:  6 to 18 inches, approximately 1 year old

3 to 4 quarts, $30:  12 to 30 inches, approximately 2 years old

3 gallons, $65:  24 to 42 inches and bushy, approximately 3-4 years old

*7 to 10 gallons, $85-125: 42 to 72+ inches, bushy and well established, over 4 years old. These plants are not available for purchase online at this time. If you would like a current listing of our XL plants, please send us an email.