Magnolia macrophylla var asheii

  • $60.00

A rare but sensational southeastern native Magnolia, and a favorite of the Nursery Crew!  Often used as a tropical garden accent, this medium-sized tree has easily the largest leaves and flowers of any native plant.  Mature plants can produce massive leaves that are over 18" long.  Even better, this species displays enormous (12"+), fragrant flowers from rather young age.  The papery soft, pale green leaves can suffer sunburn; we recommend a site that will receive protection from the afternoon sun, at least while the plant is young.  [50'T X 30'W, Zones 5-9]

Plants in 1 and 2 quart pots are less than 12" tall, 3 quart pots are less than 24", and 6 quart pots are less than 36".  If purchased during dormancy, please understand that your plant will be completely naked and look like a misshapen wand from Harry Potter!

Note: This plant cannot be shipped.  It is available for Nursery Pick-up ONLY.

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