Trees & Shrubs

Beginning June 1st and through September 15th, plants that are shipped will not be guaranteed. Plants damaged due to heat during shipment are not eligible for replacement or refund. See our Shipping FAQ and Refund Policies for more information. Note: Plant availability is likely to change throughout the summer and into this fall- orders placed for fall shipping may be subject to change. 

ATTENTION: Some states require that soil be treated with pesticides prior to shipment. Please review our Shipping FAQ page to out find if your state requires treatment. 

The line between whether a plant is a "tree" or a "shrub" is sometimes very thin and quite blurry!  We use the following criteria to decide which type applies to a certain plant:

  • Reaching over 20' tall at maturity
  • Having a single or multiple trunks, typically more than 4" in diameter
  • Trunks rise significantly above ground level before branching and leaves are present
  • Remaining less than 20' tall at maturity
  • Typically having multiple heavy branches or trunks measuring less than 4" in diameter
  • Branching and leaves are present at or slightly above ground level