Camellia japonica 'Tomorrow Variegated' at Camellia Forest Nursery

Camellia japonica 'Tomorrow Variegated'

  • $30.00

C. japonica 'Tomorrow' is a very active plant!  To date, seven sports have been named and are often prize winners at Camellia shows.  'Tomorrow Variegated' is virus variegated, with irregularly white-blotched, strawberry pink flowers.  (Occasionally, as seen in the photo, sometimes the flowers show no sign of the virus!)

 » Bloom color, form, size: Pink/white, peony, lg to very lg
 » Bloom period (NC):  Mid spring (March)
 » Growth rate, habit: Vigorous, open/slightly pendulous
 » Zones: 7b-9
 » Features: Bicolor blooms, introduced ca. 1957
 » Parentage: Sport of C. japonica 'Tomorrow'

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