Camellia japonica 'Violetta'

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(aka 'Tom Krenitsky Blue') Violetta is another ugly duckling story like 'Tudor Baby.' Dr. Clifford Parks culled some seedlings and gave them to our dear friend, Tom Krenitsky.  Tom planted them at The Fields, where the soil pH is typically below 5 - where most plants struggle, this seedling thrived, producing some of the most unique, purple-blue flowers with deeper blue veining. Just like Hydrangeas, acidic soils tend to emphasize the blue tones in Camellia flowers.  In higher pH soils, these blooms display a rich, deep pink.

Even in pots, 'Violetta' shows a blue cast to the deep pink, single form flowers, making this an incredible addition to any garden!

Hardy to USDA Zone: 7b
Growth: Average, spreading
Blooms (NC): February
Bloom size: Medium

Note: 10 gallon size cannot be shipped.  They are available for Nursery Pick-up ONLY.

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