Camellia x williamsii 'Elsie Jury'

  • $25.00

New! (Fall 2019) Originated in the early 1960's in New Zealand, the vivid pink of 'Elsie Jury' shows the orchid undertones common in Camellia x williamsii hybrids.  This incredible flower has won multiple awards including the National Hall of Fame Award in 1978.

» Bloom color: Pink with hints of orchid
» Bloom form: Peony
» Bloom size: Medium to large, 3 to 5 inches
» Bloom period (NC): Mid to late spring (Mar-Apr)
» Growth rate, habit: TBD, open/spreading
» Zones: 7a-9
» Parentage: C. saluenensis x C. japonica 'Pukekura'

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