Chanoyu:  A Japanese Tea Ceremony Demonstration

Chanoyu: A Japanese Tea Ceremony Demonstration

  • $25.00

Over the last seven hundred years in Japan, the procedure for making and sharing a bowl of matcha has been honed to an elegant and mindful process. Participants will have the opportunity to experience chanoyu, the traditional practice of the Japanese tea ceremony.  Join Laurie Fais as she describes the history and intention of the ceremony, demonstrating the making of the tea in the style of the Omotesenke school of chanoyu.  

Laurie studied tea ceremony for ten years while living in Japan and for an additional ten years in North America.  She will be happy to share her experiences and her knowledge in a discussion after the demonstration.   No prior experience or knowledge required. 

The demonstration will be held at Camellia Forest Nursery and Tea Gardens' community tea center (construction in progress), Sunday, April 23, 2023 from 1 pm - 3 pm.

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