Eurya japonica 'Moutiers', Pick-up ONLY

  • $35.00

This cultivar was formerly known as 'Green Thinly Margined'. A great shrub for shade gardens! The leathery, grey-green evergreen foliage is edged in dark green.  This dense, slow growing shrub has short internodes, so the leaves appear neatly stacked on either side of the stem. This cultivar has much smaller leaves than normal: approximately 1.5" long and .5" wide.  Insignificant flowers bloom in early spring, with a pungent odor reminiscent of a litter box (hence the genus name). Ideal exposure is morning sun to full shade, with moist, but well-drained soil. Eurya is often found growing alongside Camellias in the woods of Japan. It's well suited to pruning and can be easily shaped.  Treat with horticultural oil to control scale. [6'T x 3'W, Zones 7b-9]

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