Taiwania cryptomeriodes

  • $30.00

The wood of the "Coffin Tree" was once valued for it's spicy-scented durability and in very high demand, being most commonly used for building temples and coffins (hence the name).  In modern times, this species is quite rare in the wild and enjoys legal protections in both China and Taiwan. 

In our opinion, this one of the most handsome conifers when mature.  Long, down-swept branches have the characteristic parallel brachlets, resulting in a gently weeping effect.  It is very much like a Cryptomeria, but with very sharp, blueish needles. It will become a very large tree in time, but most “mature” garden specimens in the US are around 25' tall. Like many conifers, the cuttings continue to grow laterally for several years before a leader develops. [Zones 7-9]

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