Pruning Camellias

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Pruning time has arrived. Removing a plants new growth can be a difficult task when you know how much energy the plant put into creating those new braches and leaves. Pruning helps shape your plant as well as encourages new growth that will begin in spring. The best time to prune your camellias is after your plants have bloomed. For fall bloomers, pruning usually takes place around February and for late winter/spring bloomers, we typically prune by mid April.
Pruning first year Camellias is essential in ensuring that the plant grows into an ideal form. When pruning each branch, you’ll always want to leave at least one leaf that has a visible shoot (seen in image 2). Those little buds along the branch will soon become new branches in the spring.
Tips for pruning:
- Remove the dead, dying, and diseased branches.
- Clean your shears with isopropyl alcohol prior to pruning and in between plants to prevent the spread of disease.
- Have fun and take your time. Plant care is self-care, right?
Good luck and happy growing!

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  • Thnx. Pruning is hard for me. I never know where to cut.

    L A Sebolt on

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