Grow Your Own Tea (Parks & Walcott)

Grow Your Own Tea (Parks & Walcott)

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Praise from James Norwood Pratt, author and tea sage: 
"Plant a tea plant and watch it grow! Grow Your Own Tea is truly a masterpiece how-to guide to cultivating and enjoying the sacred leaf. Christine and Susan have planted a landmark in our horticultural history and a milestone on America's path to becoming a tea-consuming society. It will delight even the armchair gardener and casual tea lover."

Written by our very own Christine Parks, co-owner and queen of Camellia Forest Tea Gardens, with enthusiast Susan Walcott, Grow Your Own Tea: The Complete Guide to Cultivating, Harvesting, and Preparing is a must-read for home gardeners and small scale tea farmers alike.

A comprehensive guide for growing and gardening with Camellia sinensis, the book starts with a brief history and geography of tea, followed by an overview of contemporary tea growers in North America and the British Isles. After introducing the botany of the tea plant, the text delves deep into practical topics including site planning and soil preparation, sourcing and propagation, raising and maintaining healthy plants, harvesting and processing, and growing tea in pots and other special circumstances.

"The guide of guides to the cultivation of tea!" --Booklist

From the Publisher, Timber Press:

Pour a Cup of Homegrown Flavor
Tea lovers, make a fresh pot, sit down with this delightful guide, and discover the joys of growing and processing your own tea at home.  Tea farmer Christine Parks and enthusiast Susan Walcott cover it all from growing tea plants and harvesting leaves, to the distinct processes that create each tea’s signature flavors.
In this comprehensive handbook, you’ll discover tea’s ancient origins, learn about the single plant that produces white, green, oolong, and black teas, and discover step-by-step instructions for plucking, withering, and rolling. Simple recipes that highlight the flavor of tea and it's creative around-the-home uses round out this must-read for tea fans.

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