Acer caudatifolium 'Variegatum', Pick-up ONLY at Camellia Forest Nursery

Acer caudatifolium 'Variegatum'

  • $50.00

Variegated Taiwanese Striped-Bark Maple This vigorous specimen has incredible white splashed variegation, which appears stable through-out the plant. The young bark is a lovely cream-white color, adding winter interest. The new growth flushes soft pink to red, followed by brilliant fall coloration of orange to yellow. Site in moist, well drained soil to ensure healthy growth. For gardeners in the hot southeast US, we recommend only part sun; specifically eastern exposure, or morning sun, to ensure the white foliage will not burn. [Zones 7-9]

Note: This plant cannot be shipped.  It is available for Nursery Pick-up ONLY.

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