Prunus incisa 'Kojo no mai', Fuji Cherry

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The "Fuji Cherry" is an early flowering specimen, grown more as a shrub, reaching only 3' tall. It is well suited for bonsai or container gardens and is native to central Japan. The branches are twisted and wiry, with heavy bud set through the winter, which are exposed as this is a deciduous specimen. Following the bloom of P. mume, the buds open to a whitish pink, and last 3 or more weeks. In the Southeast most Prunus are sited most successfully with late day shade. This being a small grower, part sun is recommended, with moist, well drained soil. As with all Prunus, be aware of borer infestations. [Zones 6-8]

***Due to agricultural regulations, this plant cannot be shipped to California, Colorado, or Louisiana.  For more information on this and other restrictions, please visit the National Plant Board:

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