Ornamental Camellias

With blooms ranging from small and simple to huge and complex, we strive to offer cultivars that illustrate the wide variation within the genus. Our greenhouses are home to many wild forms and rare cultivars, along with the tried and true varieties you know and love.  New additions to our collection include introductions from both our and other breeding programs, as well as older varieties that have proven themselves over time.

For nearly 40 years, our breeding program has worked to create plants that display vigorous growth, exceptional cold-hardiness, and breathtaking flowers.


Camellias have a highly variable growth rate in pots. Some varieties may be shorter than the sizes listed, but an approximate guide for ordering plants is as follows:

1 to 2 quart ($25):  Up to 12 inches, approximately 1 year old

3 to 4 quarts ($35):  12 to 30 inches, approximately 2 years old

3 gallons ($70):  12 to 40 inches, approximately 3-4 years old

*7 to 10 gallons ($85-125): 36 to 72+ inches, bushy and well established, over 4 years old. These plants are too big to ship and must be picked up at our Chapel Hill location. If you would like a current listing of our XL plants, please send us an email.

If you have any questions regarding the actual size of a specific plant, please send us and email at camelliaforest@gmail.com.

ATTENTION: Some states require that soil be treated with pesticides prior to shipment. Please review our Shipping FAQ page to out find if your state requires treatment.