Camellia sasanqua 'Bonanza Var.'

  • $30.00

All sasanquas have pink overtones due to their biology, but this one has some of the deepest pink-red flowers of them all. White mottled variegation is caused by a benign virus. Multiple clones of 'Bonanza' exist- this is a larger flowered form which starts to bloom in October. 

 » Bloom color: Deep pink-red blotched white
 » Bloom form: Peony
 » Bloom size: Medium, 3 to 4 inches
 » Bloom period (NC):  Early fall (Oct)

 » Growth rate, habit: Vigorous, upright/spreading
 » Zones: 7a-9
 » Features: Bicolor blooms
 » Parentage: Sport of C. x hiemalis 'Bonanza'


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