Camellia japonica 'Lady Clare'

  • $70.00

First appearing in Japan as 'Akashigata' in 1898, 'Lady Clare' has semi-double flowers with a distinct column of stamens. A very dependable, weather-tough landscape plant, large specimens can often be found in old gardens in NC. This is a triploid variety which means it has three sets of chromosomes rather than the two sets usually found in C. japonica. The leaves are large and thick while the plant has a somewhat spreading growth habit.

» Bloom color: Deep, vibrant pink
» Bloom form: Semi-double
» Bloom size: Very large, 5+ inches
» Bloom period (NC): Early to mid spring (Feb-Mar)
» Growth rate, habit: Vigorous, upright/spreading
» Zones: 7a-9
» Features: Antique, hedge worthy

Note: $15 handling fee applies to ship 3 gallon size.

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