Camellia handelii 'Snow Bells'

  • $95.00

This selection of Camellia handelii has particularly nice narrow pointed leaves and an abundance of blooms on gracefully arching branches. The white flowers are quite small but two buds can be found at each axil of vigorous shoots. The form of the plant is very different from C. japonica with long branches that arch like a fountain. The new growth has purplish tones and I have seen purple winter color when grown in more sun.

After a winter with low temperatures around 4 F many leaves fell off the plant but it bloomed on almost leafless branches and looked like a Deutzia. It grew normally that summer. 

» Bloom color: White
» Bloom form: Single
» Bloom size: Miniature, approx. 1.5 inch
» Bloom period (NC): March
» Growth rate, habit: Moderate, upright/open
» Low temperature tolerance: 5F
» Features: Best seller, heavy bloomer, unique, fine texture

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