Asimina triloba, Paw Paw 'Nyomi's Delicious'

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The paw paw is an understory tree that can grow up to 35 feet tall. Fruits mature through early summer and ripen in August in NC, when they turn yellowish green and fall off the tree.  Depending on whom you ask, the fruits taste somewhat like banana custard or mango. [15'T x 10'W in 10 years, Zones 5-9]

This variety ripens early and comes from Berea, KY (Madison county). Reportedly it has large fruits with a low seed count.

Peaceful Heritage Nursery writes the following about its origins:

Nurseryman Cliff England, who introduced this pawpaw variety, met an elderly woman in Berea, KY named Nyomi who had this beloved tree growing in her backyard (charmingly claiming to have a “magical cancer-killing fruit tree”), and subsequently introduced it into the nursery trade. This cultivar shows good disease resistance and is a vigorous, strong, fast grower.


Note: This plant in the 6 quart size cannot be shipped.  It is available for Nursery Pick-up ONLY.

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