Camellia sinensis 'Rosea'

  • $25.00

This cultivar's pale pink flowers are produced in profusion in early autumn. Burgundy new growth is the most outstanding quality of this variety, but the red pigment is found in all parts of the plant: from the roots to the bright pink filaments of the flowers. The tiny leaves are incredibly dark and become quite smooth as they mature, lending a lovely, delicate texture to a hedge row for those who are patient.  Slow growth makes 'Rosea' an excellent selection for containers. Tracing the origin is difficult but there is a variety with the botanical name of Camellia sinensis var sinensis forma rosea described in 1960 by Japanese botanists so it was probably originally found in Japan. Ted Stephens introduced the plant into the trade via the South Carolina Botanical Garden and the Bureau of Plant Introductions.

Zones 7a-9
Average mature leaf size: 2.5" x 1"
10 year size: 8'T x 8'W

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