Camellia sinensis 'Silver Dust'

Camellia sinensis 'Silver Dust'

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White speckling is found across the surface of the leaves.  While later summer flushes produce light green shoots, the first flush is often pure white.  A small batch of tea made from the white shoots yielded a very mild flavor with no bitterness.  Compact growth and year-round interest make 'Silver Dust' a great choice for containers. A relatively slow grower that makes a nice mounded plant. As with many leaf variegations, the white fades over time and the leaves become more green. The new growth can be quite striking but other times the plant can be more green.

Fall 2022: the plants are almost completely green at this time. With high fertility the leaves are mostly green on young plants in the nursery.

Zones: 7b-9
10 year size: 6'T x 6'W

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