Diospyros virginiana, American Persimmon

  • $20.00

The American Persimmon is an eastern US native fruit-bearing tree. It is well adapted to many soils and can grow in full sun to part shade. It is a larval host and nectar source for the Luna moth. The fall color is magnificent, despite the heavy spotting on the leaves. The fruit set is abundant where both male and female trees are found, though the size per fruit is significantly smaller when compared to the Asian Persimmon. Immature fruit contains tannin and is strongly astringent, so DO NOT eat it until it is fully ripe. The yellow-green flowers are bell shaped and appear in spring. [Zones 4-9]

***Due to agricultural regulations, this plant cannot be shipped to California.  For more information on this and other restrictions, please visit the National Plant Board: https://nationalplantboard.org.

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