Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Goshiki'

  • $40.00

Goshiki means 5 colored, referring to the green, white, pink, yellow and peach coloration of the leaves, especially evident in the new growth. This evergreen shrub attracts attention year-round.  It does not seem to flower when young, though the fragrant white flowers characteristic of the species will bloom in late fall on mature specimens. It's relatively slow growth rate makes 'Goshiki' a suitable choice for winter interest containers, a low garden hedge, or as a single specimen in a slightly shaded area.  Fully mature specimens can reach 10' tall by 8' wide, though 10-year size is significantly less.  [5' x 5', Zones 6-9]

Note: 6 quart size cannot be shipped.  It is available for Nursery Pick-up ONLY.

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