Our ongoing mission is to provide beautiful, garden-worthy plants of Asian origin, but Camellias are our true passion.

There is such a broad range of possibility within the genus: flowers appear from tiny and simple to large and complex, habits can be slow and spreading to vigorous and upright.   When it comes to color, there's nothing more fluid; Camellias run the spectrum from pure white to iridescent pink, to the darkest, most saturated burgundy-red.  We offer hundreds of cultivars in an effort to highlight Camellia's variations including rare, antique, and the newest introductions.  The few varieties you've seen at Lowe's or Home Depot won't prepare you for a visit to the Nursery during any of the bloom seasons- the floral display will knock you off your feet!

Through our research and breeding programs, we actively work to develop new cultivars that combine the best aspects of the myriad Camellia species and cultivars.

Sizes and prices

Camellias have a highly variable growth rate in pots. Slower growers and dwarf varieties may be shorter than the sizes listed but an approximate guide for ordering plants is as follows:

1 to 2 quart, $20:  6 to 18 inches, approximately 1 year old

3 to 4 quart, $30:  12 to 30 inches, approximately 2 years old

3 gallon, $65:  24 to 42 inches and bushy, approximately 3-4 years old

*Extra Large ($85-125, Nursery pick-up ONLY): 42+ inches, bushy and well established, 7 to 10 gallon pots. These plants are not available for purchase online at this time. If you would like a current listing of our XL plants, please send us an email.